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[[Template:Localized media|thumb|350px|red highlighted: the Uploads link]]

<translate> MyUploads is a [[<tvar|gadgetpage>Special:MyLanguage/Commons:Gadget</>|gadget]] to add a link “Uploads” to your personal links, next to Contributions. It can be used to easily access a list or gallery of your uploads.


Why a script/link? Most people and especially newcomers don't know where their uploads have gone. This gadget offers a simple interface for accessing this list.

Following an advertised [[<tvar|page>Special:Permalink/62291808#Support</>|community decision]], we add this link by default.

It also adds a link "User uploads" to the toolbox if you are e.g. on a user or user-related page.

Switching off and customization[edit]

The gadget is enabled by default for all [[<tvar|userloginpage>Special:UserLogin</>|logged-in users]] but can be easily disabled [[<tvar|prefpage2>Special:Preferences#mw-prefsection-gadgets</>|in the user's settings]] by one click (remove the checkmark ☑ in front of “MyUploads”) if someone does not like it.</translate>